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  1. Please Uploud Balls Of Fury (2007) i need fast respawn please :):):)

  2. hi…cn u plz upload Hasee Toh Phasee (2014) 720p..

  3. Pls upload discovery Great Barrier Reef Nature’s Miracles Hd in 300mb,natgeo megafactories- mack trucks,apache helecopter & other techonology,space,underwater,nature documentaries PLS.THANK YOU..

  4. hello pleace upload In The Flesh movies series

  5. please re-upload the batman begin, the links dead years ago.. and the godfather too.. thank you

  6. please. please. please upload breaking bad from season 1. please. thnks anyway.

  7. pls upload noah 2014

  8. please upload Starred Up (2014)

  9. please upload 24 season 9

  10. Pleas I want noah and son of god

  11. Pls upload house of cards and breaking bad… Plss..

  12. Hi Admin. Please upload the other episode of The Boondocks Season 4.

  13. hello admin .you guys are the best but can you pls upload the new episodes of the boondocks and the masters of sex season 1

  14. hai admin..can you upload perception????

  15. please upload the storm riders and the storm warrioirs

  16. please upload divergent

  17. Pls upload dominion-season 2,3,4,tnk u.U r actually doing a great job

  18. Please give info on BRRip of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  19. please upload this movie .. advance thank you

  20. hi admin. pls upload The Fault In Our Stars (2014)tq

  21. could you please upload age of uprising, the legend of michael kohlhaas

  22. ignore my previous request.
    thanx for your hard work guys

  23. Please provide wolverine 2013 720p

  24. Please upload the latest episode of monday night raw

  25. Hi admin…can you please upload me,myself and irene…

  26. Hey can u upload BEOWULF(2007) movie.

  27. Hiya..can you find Delicious 2014 played by Louise Brealey for me?

  28. Hi admin, pls upload Dracula untold 2014 Thanks:)

  29. Hi i know its been a long time since the “Jobs” movie post. but all links are dead now, could you please fix the single FileCload link?

    thanks a million

  30. Hello admin, could please upload The Matrix Trilogy

  31. Hi Admin,
    I am searching some movies (Underwater Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure and Thriller Films). Can you upload it please (in 300mb to 500mb)?

    1. The Abyss (1989).
    2. Leviathan (1989).
    3. DeepStar Six (1989).
    4. Lords of the Deep (1989).
    5. The Evil Below (1989).
    6. The Rift (1990).
    7. Deep Rising (1998).
    8. Sphere (1998).
    9. Das Boot (1981).
    10. Gray Lady Down (1978).
    11. The Deep (1977).
    12. It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955).
    13. The Beast (1996).
    14. Octopus (2000).
    15. Below (2002).
    16. Deep Rescue (2005).
    17. Parasite (2004).
    18. The Rig (2010).
    19. Poseidon (2006).
    20. Into the Blue (2005).
    21. Into the Blue 2: The Reef (2009).
    22. The Reef (2010).
    23. The Guardian (2006).
    24. Intrepid (2000).
    25. Waterworld (1995).
    26. Deepsea Challenge 3D (2014)

    I know that, it is a big list. But all movies are very fantastic. Everyone like it. I am waiting for your reply.

    Thank you,

  32. Dear 300mb, i hope you can upload it
    1. Adam (2009)
    thanks 🙂

  33. I hope find the Rurouni Kenshin Legends of ends here. 🙂

  34. Hi Admin,

    Can you please upload P.S. I Love you (2008)? Thanks and keep up the good work.


  35. do u people hv movies from germany france russia dubbed in english or with subs

  36. can we request movies?like some old movies?* thank you…

  37. I know this may hasn’t come out yet but when it does, can you upload “Naruto shippuden: the last” you will make a lot of people happy

  38. please upload happy new year

  39. Hi admin can you plez upload iceman (2014)in torrent you had already uploaded it but it doesn’t have a torrent download

  40. plz i know my request is Almost impossible but if you can upload Heroes

  41. pls upload……how to getaway with murder and state of affairs

  42. plz upload gone girl

  43. Hello admin!

    Could you please upload fast & furious movies.
    BRRip would be the best.

    Thank you very much, Admin!

  44. Pls upload fifty shades of grey 2015

  45. Anna Marie Flores

    please help me how to download movies here.

  46. Please upload Kingsman : The Secret Service. Thanks

  47. Please upload “Virunga”. Thanks

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