The Walking Dead S03E16 720p HDTV 300MB

The Walking Dead S03E16 720p HDTV 300MB

Story Line:

Season 03, Episode 16 : Welcome to the Tombs:The Governor punches Milton in the face over and over. Turns out Milton burned the walkers that were going to be used to assault the prison. Plus, Milton knew Andrea was going to flee and didn’t say anything. “What would your daughter think?” Milton asks. Growls the Governor: “She’d be afraid of me … but if I’d been like this from the start, she’d be alive today.”The Governor then drags Milton to Andrea, who is tied to a chair. The Governor hands Milton and knife and demands he kill Andrea. Instead, Milton tries to stab the Governor, who wrestles the knife from his former first mate and drives it into his gut. The Governor then closes the door to the cell, leaving Milton behind to turn into a walker and tear Andrea to pieces…..

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